Things to do in Corfu

Besides Corfu City Pass’s Attractions Corfu has a lot more to offer to its visitors. Besides sightseeing we are presenting you here the Top “Things to do in Corfu”, that will complete your visiting experience to the island, and will make you blend with the locals.

Corfu Old TownCorfu Old Town | feel like in Venice
Member of the Unesco’s World Heritage List, Corfu’s Old Town is waiting for you to discover it. Wander around its narrow alleys, the Kantounia, smell the aromas of jasmine mixed with the redolence of a local specialty being cooked and do not forget to take a photo of the freshly washed clothes, hanging above your head.
Church of Saint Spyridon of Trimythous (1590), Kerkyra, Corfu island, GreeceSt. Spyridon’s Church | divine tranquility
Built in the 1580s it houses the relics of Saint Spyridon, the protector saint of the island.It is a single-nave basilica and its bell tower is the highest in the Ionian Islands. In the Saint’s crypt there are 53 incense burners hanging from the ceiling, 18 of which are golden. Above the western door of the narthex the imperial coat of arms of the House of Romanov stands as a reminder that the church was under the nominal protection of Russia from 1807-1917
Liston CorfuListon | the walk of aristocrats
Built by the French at the beginning of the 19th century, as a replica of the Rue de Rivoli in Paris, it took its name by the Venetian word <lista>, which means long straight road or list/catalog. Only the aristocrats, whose names were written in the list of Libro d’ Oro, could walk through this architectural beauty.

Nowadays you can enjoy your walk, spend some relaxing time in one of the cafes spread along, and feel like an aristocrat yourself.

Things to do in CorfuCorfu’s Tastes | gastronomical magic
Besides everything else, Corfu can also flaunt for its traditional tastes & products. Do not leave the island without tasting Pastitsada & Sofrito, two of the most traditional and popular dishes of the island, or Bourdeto for the fish lovers.

KumQuat, the golden orange, is the island’s fruit, brought here by the British agriculturist Merlin. A large variety of products (marmelades, sweets, liqueurs etc.) are waiting for you to taste them.

Finally the island has a large production of local wines and even hosts its own microbrewery.

Corfu BeachesCorfu Beaches | mediterranean aura
From North to South, from East to West Corfu is full of magical beaches. It does not matter if you prefer the golden sand or the white glossy pebbles, you will definately find the own that suits you best.

Glyfada, Kontogyalos, Barbati, Palaiokastritsa, Canal d’ Amour, Arillas and Issos are some of the most famous beaches of the island. If you are an adventure lover, rent your own boat and explore your personal private beach. Especially the north east side of the island is full of small, secluded gulfs.

Deep in the crystal clear waters, enjoy the mediterranean sun, live your summer in Corfu.

Things to do in CorfuCorfu’s Countryside | alternative scenery
Hidden among the Corfiot olive grove, Corfu’s villages are waiting for you to explore them. Away from the touristic noise, tiny village alleys, blooming nature, hospitable locals and traditional tastes, will set up for you an alternative scenery to remember.

Trekking, mountain biking and horse riding are available all over the island, for the nature lovers.Grab your camera and enjoy the alternative side of the island! Definitely one of the top “Things to do in Corfu”