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Mon Repos Corfu

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Palaiopolis & Mon Repos, a special day close to nature

In about 3km distance, south of Corfu’s Old Town, on the way to the peninsula of Kanoni, is located Palaiopolis, the area where the ancient town of Corfu used to be, back on the 8th century B.C. The first excavations in 1843, revealed significant findings, according to which, this area used to be the ancient city’s center, while at the same time the ancient market (agora) was located just opposite the today’s Mon Repos.

By the time you enter Palaiopolis park (entrance is free) tall trees and dense vegetation will make sure to cool you down under their thick shade. Wonder around the park’s earthen streets along with the locals, who enjoy their walk or run, breath in the fresh air and enjoy a walk in the nature to remember. Walking inwardly to the park the sound of the sea’s waves will make you feel relaxed. Wear your swimsuit and enjoy a dive to the crystal clear waters of the Ionian sea.

Points of interest

  • Mon Repos Villa: built in 1830 by the English commissioner Adams, it was later used by the greek royal family as a summer residence. Today it hosts the Museum of Palaiopolis.
  • Ruins of Hera’s Temple: it is estimated that it was built on the 7th century B.C.
  • Kardaki Temple & beach: it is estimated it was built on the 6th century B.C., dedicated to Poseidon, Aesculapius or Apollo. The homonym beach will offer you moments of relaxation and serenity.

Useful Tips

  • Get some water & snack with you, there is nothing available at site.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Some routes might become a little steep.
  • Avoid walking outside the trails.
  • Check at the gate the closing time. You do not want to be locked inside.
  • Get your camera with you. The view is amazing.


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