Corfu Kart Cross – High Adrenaline Experience

Corfu Kart Cross in Ropa Valley

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Corfu Kart CrossThe 550 meters dirt track has sharp bends, dips and hills to race on. Professional karts are available and full-face helmets supplied. The track s fully enclosed with a tire wall. Each driver gets a ten or more minute session – but it’s so exciting that’s probably enough for anyone! Corfu Kart include a grill room and bar, so non-driver have space to sit and take refreshments. You can also oganize small partying here. Corfu Kart is for everybody.

Corfu Kart venues seem to come and well…go in Corfu, and this is the only recommended one on the island. With the right set up, this sport is so exciting. Perhaps you already love it and want to have a go yourself while getting your kids in on the action too.

Corfu Kart Cross – Track & Cars

The 550 meters long dirt track has sharp bends, dips and hills to race on. The track includes 5 turns, 4 left and 2 right.

The track is fully enclosed with a tire wall and is always in a half wet condition. There is no dust and the gradient of the track ensures no skids. In that way safety in all conditions is guaranteed.

The corner speed varies from 40 to 90 Klm/h. However it depends from the engine capacity and for the new drivers the speed should not exceed the limit.

The professional construction of the car ensures safety in all the corners.

All of our cars are handmade from Tgs race, a specialist in off road vehicles. The engines are four stroke with automatic transmission.

The engine capacity varies from 50 cc to 620 cc depending from the setup. We offer a 50 cc setup for children, 300 cc for adults and 620 cc for racing.

The construction of the cars is professional ensuring no skids, safe drifts, reliability and high speed cornering.

Open from May to October

Working Hours
10:00 am – 9:00 pm / 7 DAYS A WEEK

Corfu Kart Cross

Ropa Valley, Corfu

Tel. +30 697 743 7530
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