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Kaliston Art – Art & Greece on Silk

Walking down Gilford street, towards the Corfu’s Old Town Hall, you cannot help not to notice a small, but rather impressive, fashion store under the name Kaliston Art. Its name derives from the Ancient Greek compound «Κάλλιστον», which means “utmost beauty” and «Λιστόν», which is the world known landmark on Corfu island. Kaliston Art is not just a fashion accessories store, it is a place where Greek Art meets fashion. More specifically, Kaliston Art adopts the works of Greek artists, photographers and engravers, to use as patterns for its fine materials.

Kaliston Art Accessories

Kaliston Art produces scarves, sarongs and kaftans with the finest materials on the market (silk, viscose and wool), which are considered to be both priceless works of art, but also versatile fashion accessories. These accessories are the end-product of the merging of two fields: fashion and art. On the one hand, Kaliston Art appreciates the artists’ works by bringing them to life through its creations and on the other, Kaliston has the opportunity to offer its customers high quality fashion creations with the finest fabrics in the world.

The main criterion for choosing a work of art is how well it can be depicted on the fashion items. The value of the artist’s work is not a prerequisite to be chosen for Kaliston’s collections. What they do, however, is to look for certain characteristics that ensure the creation of a fashion item, which also depicts the artist’s initial work.

Kaliston ‘s fashion store definately worths a visit while visiting Corfu Old Town. The owner Mrs Chalikiopoulou Anastasia will be more than glad to present you these top quality works of art. You can also find Kaliston Art’s scarves and accessories online in their official eshop and in selected spots around the island.

Kaliston Art
Gilford 40, Corfu 49100 , Greece
T. +30 26610 33589
M. +30 697 750 4595

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