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Corfiot Cuisine – Traditional tastes you should not miss

Corfiot cuisine should be characterised as mediterranean since the ingedients that are usually used are olive oil, fresh vegetables and herbs, cheese, red meat and fish. When visiting one of the local restaurants or tavernas you will notice a “sympathy” towards pasta. Do not be suprised, the Venetials used to rule the island for over 400 years and besides everything else they seemed to have influenced the local cuisine too.

Nowadays corfiot cuisine seems to be a little different from the typical greek cuisine, giving to the fish and all “products of the sea” like shrimps, squids, mussels and octapus the protagonist role in its dishes. This of course does not mean you will not find typical greek recipies like mousaka, stifado, gemista or the famous greek salad, on local restaurants and tavernas.

Tastes you should not miss

During your stay on the island you should definately give a try to the following traditional corfiot recipies.

Pastitsada: veal meat or rooster cooked in red sauce flavoured with spices. It is usually served with a special type of thick pasta.

Sofrito: a casserole dish with thin slices of veal meat cooked in white garlic sauce. It is usually served with mashed or fried potatoes or rice.

Bourdeto: scorpion fish or school shark cooked in red spicy sauce. Add some lemon sauce before removing from the fire.

Bianco: it means white in italian and it is a garlicky cod fish stew usually served with potatoes, so called because no tomatoes are used.


Great tastes should be combined with great wine. Choose one from the local vineyards, that suits best with your dish.

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