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Casa Parlante

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Casa Parlante…an awarded museum

Awarded with the “Hellenic Enterpreneurship Award” in 2013, Casa Parlante is a unique, private museum, located on the heart of Corfu’s Old Town. Insired by her love for Corfu, Mrs. K. Rantou, the owner, decided to create a place where visitors will be able to see, from inside, how the everyday life in a corfiot mansion was.

“Me and my daughter love very much our island and we wanted to saw to everyone how the life of corfiot aristocrats was, during the period of 1814 – 1864. Everyone wandering around the Corfu’s Old Town streets had the ability to admire those beautiful buildings from the outside, but never had the chance to visit their interior and get a sense on how life was inside them.” says Mrs. Rantou

Casa Parlante holds a comparative advantage of  being one of a kind in Greece. Last year it had almost 8,000 visits, while at the same time there was a great interest from journalists of various countries like UK, Germany, France and Russia.

Casa Parlante is definately on of the “must see” places in Corfu. You can get more museum and visit information here.


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