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Arillas-panorama1 A day trip to Arillas

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Arillas: A day trip to north Corfu

A day trip to Arillas

The beach of Arillas is the northernmost of West Corfu. It is located 40 km from the city and Corfu airport and is an attractive resort for a peaceful holiday. Quiet and safe for all types of tourists, Arillas is ideal for families, as children can play with the golden sand or swim in it s crystal shallow waters, for couples and people who are looking forward to escaping from anxiety and noise of the big city, and also to enjoy discovering the Corfiot nature walking through paths leading to the small villages around.

The area of Arillas without being commercialized keeps it s genuine character still, with a variety of small local family-run tavernas and shops that some of them are open all year, so that it can satisfy even the most demanding clients. Arillas beach being in between to St George and St.Stefanos bays, has an advantageous position as it’s visitors can easily get access to those other sandy beaches as well. By boat you can visit the two nearby islets of Diaplos and Mathraki. Don’t miss a visit to the picturesque village of Afionas to enjoy the spectacular sunset.

The friendly atmosphere, the beautiful well-known sunsets, the magnificent scenery, and the Corfiot colors which can be everywhere, leave to the visitors unforgettable “pictures” and the wish to come back.

Things to do in Arillas

  • Take one of the small boats that takes you to Gravia: It is actually a formation of three islands; Gravia, Sykia and Gyneka, the largest is owned by some goats, that live there and drink sea water. There is a small secret beach there which is called ‘AMISKI’
  • Odysseus petrified boat: If you look far in to the North West towards Mathraki  island, you will see a small rock that looks like a sail, its name is ‘Karavi’ which means ‘a boat’ . It has taken it’s name from the mythological story of the petrified boat from Homer’s Odyssey. Odysseus was found stranded outside a bay near a small river by Nausika and her friends.  They helped him and took him to the Kindom of Alkinoos, where he was taken care of and given food, until he was totally recovered. Only then was he asked who he was and where he came from.
  • Visit Porto Timoni (the pirate’s beach) through a beautiful trail into the woods:  Portо Timοni is the namе of а dоuble beach nеar Afiоnаs villagе, οn the west coаst оf Corfu islаnd. It is a sceniс plаcе and deservеs to be classified аs a sightsеeing, bоth naturаl and histοriсal becаusе in antiquity it was а harbor and hаd fоrtress built therе. The smallest is called Limni and the biggest Porto Timon. The two bеaches fоrm twο bаys, one faсing thе resоrt οf Agios Geоrgiοs and thе other оne lοoking tоwаrd Mathraκi island. These two bays have different water temperatures.
  • Walk the famous Arillas trail: It leads in to areas that have not been easily accessed by visitors until today as there have not been any signs of orientation. Walking through this trail you will be able to observe Arillas from a different point of view in a fantastic environment of plants and trees where time has stopped many years ago. The roads that you will see are created mainly in order to access everyone’s harvest for transporting it to the local olive press. There are no buildings but the only signs of modern civilization are the nets that are used to collect the olives. The trail ends at the Corfu Microbrewery where you can stop for a free beer sample and guided tour inside or keep going till the beach again.
  • Visit the Corfu Microbrewery and taste the famous Corfu Beer: The brewery is very modern and equipped with the latest technology. 1000 litres of beer can be produced in each brew. Do not forget Near October it is organised the Corfu Beer Festival! 5 days of entertainment, beer and food!


pictures taken from : Lutz Hirschmann  | green corfu |

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